Tips to make your child’s dental visits easy

It’s often said that children are like sponges: they absorb everything and they soak up huge amounts of information from their environment. But not everything is easy for children to understand. For example, children often struggle to understand the importance of good dental hygiene. In particular, it can be challenging to make your child go to the dentist – they don’t understand the importance of the dental visits, and the experience can be even scary for them. Indeed, fear and anxiety are common reactions to dental visits, especially in young children.

However, dental visits don’t have to be bad experiences for children, because there are a few things you can do to avoid any tears and tantrums. So, read on to find out how to make your toddler’s dental visits happy and positive experiences.

Tip #1: Explain to your child why it’s important to take care of your teeth

If you can make your child understand the importance of dental visits, then you’ve already won half the battle. One way to do this is to give your child a concrete example. For example, your child might know someone who has suffered a toothache – you could remind your child of this person, and explain that it was a dentist who relieved the toothache. You can then explain that a dentist’s job is to alleviate toothaches and solve other dental problems. You could also add that only a dentist is able to fix dental problems like toothache.

Tip #2: Turn dental visits into a game

To prepare your toddler for dental visits, you could play ‘dentist’ at home with your toddler. Take the role of the dentist while your toddler plays the role of the patient. Pretend to investigate your child’s teeth, using a penlight as a torch for example. Games like this will build your child’s familiarity with the dentist and will help your child relax when it comes to the real thing.

Tip #3: Take your child to your own dental appointments

If you have the opportunity, then take your child along with you to your own dental visits. Show your child that you’re happy and comfortable going to the dentist. If your child sees that you don’t have a problem yourself with dental visits, then it will make her more confident when she has to visit the dentist herself.

Tip #4: Let your child take his favourite toy to his dental visits

It’s a good idea for your child to take his favourite toy to his dental visits. That way, he’ll associate his toy with going to the dentist, and he’ll have positive memories of the dental visits.

Tip #5: Choose a suitable dental clinic

When it comes to choosing a dental clinic for your child, the closer the dental clinic is to your house, the better. It’s also a good idea to choose a dental clinic that’s known for being good with children. To ensure your child’s first dental visit goes well, choose Willows Dentistry as your child’s dental clinic. Children get free routine dental treatment at Willows and we deliver it in a friendly environment, thereby putting your child at ease straight away.

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